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BubbleBox, formerly known as Estartica presents to you: Conquer Antarctica. In this game you guide your penguins through various icy levels in order to reclaim your land from an enemy tribe.

The game features two game types.

Each battle takes place between two sides, who have both taken place on one (or multiple) icy rock(s). The game is being played by firing snowballs, rockets and grenades at the opposition. The side that that survives through the action longest wins the battle.

In campaign mode, primary goal is to have fun. Secondary: set a high score. Third: unlock levels for two player mode. (progress is stored in a shared object)

Martijn Kunst, BubbleBox.com, 2 Januari 2006

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Game development kicked off with the release of my first game in october 2005: "Bee Commander". This game has been licensed to Slingo.com, and will be released soon.

Under the name of 'Estartica', BubbleBox has developed several games for clients. On request I can provide you with links to those games.